Jana Boemer

Photography influenced her whole life. Her CV shows how photography surrounded her in various ways.

She worked in advertising agencies in Germany and  Switzerland for more than 5 years, where Jana was mostly responsible for editing photos. After she moved to Prague, she founded the first mail-order company for Photographic equipment in the Czech republic. Shortly thereafter, she obtained Leica representation. Through this she met more and more renowned photographers and fell in love with their work.

In 2002 she founded Leica Gallery Prague (LGP) in the Prague Castle, and turned it into a non profit Organization. The gallery became the most visited Czech cultural institution for years. 


Quo Imus

Curent public project

Train gallery

3 years travel

Art in Public

traveling exhibition for Czech Railways

Jury member

Photography competitions

Taylor Camp

John Wehrheim

Vaclav Havel

Traveling exhibition for the Ministry oFA


Sebastiao Salgado


Organized with famous photografers 

Paris Photo

Art sale

Leica Gallery 

Prague Castle

Art for sale

Jana Boemer

Platinum Collection

Robert Vano

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