12  /   31   /   2019

Hello dear colleagues,

Would you like to host the Quo Imus Project in your institution and have your visitors participate in it?

We are attempting to involve the public in cultural and creative happenings and to thereby address socially relevant themes through art.

Quo Imus, latin for “where are we going?” Is grappling with the issues of our currently changing times, and our future. The project challenges participants to think about what accompanies the digital era, climate change and what their wishes are for the future.

We provide cards and a display that are free to be used by any participant.

In the end, different places and countries will be combined into a large exhibition, where they can be compared.


What it would involve for you is to find a little bit of space and to provide colored pencils. The cards and the display are provided by us. The project is now being followed by over 1500 people on Instagram and will automatically create publicity for the new location of it.

Naturally, we would share your location as well as the cards created at it on our social media.


We would be delighted to have you participate.


QUO IMUS - Where are we going?

The question here is not how we will live, but how we’d like to live.

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